Juventus has won the Serie A 2015-2016 soccer championship in Italy with three days to go. Proudly sported on their jerseys was Jeep, the brand that has accompanied the champions as Official Sponsor for four seasons, sharing a past made of authenticity, passion and capability to overcome all challenges.

It is a successful meeting of two brands each with a glorious past. Jeep is the pioneer of new segments and new technologies: the brand invented the first 4WD in 1941 with the Willys-Overland and the first Sport Utility Vehicle with the Willys Wagon in 1946. These legendary seventy-five years will be celebrated with the new 75th Anniversary special editions offered on the entire lineup. Juventus, founded in 1897, boasts an impressive prize record of national and international cups and is Italy's major club counting forty-one million fans in Europe and some three hundred million worldwide.

Jeep, on the other hand, is experiencing another extraordinary season: after the remarkable results achieved in 2015, the successful trend is being reconfirmed again in 2016 making March the twenty-ninth month of consecutive growth in Europe. This is further proof that for brands like Jeep and Juventus success is the starting point for new challenges to be won with the usual determination and dedication.