Diesel Emissions Issue

Recent worldwide headlines have focused on the installation by a major player in our industry of software “defeat devices” unlawfully manipulating emissions of diesel cars.

On the VW issue: We are not in a position to comment and we do not intend to comment on matters relating to other manufactures, still under review by the appropriate authorities and whose details are largely unknown.

On FCA diesel models: We confirm that FCA Italy fully complies with all applicable testing and nitrogen oxides emission requirements relating to the homologation of its diesel vehicles, which are not equipped with “defeat devices” in contravention of applicable regulations.

On the difference between testing emissions and real drive emissions: As largely known to the public, the European Union is working in order to update the current homologation procedures (Euro 6) to ensure that they more closely reflect real-world driving conditions. FCA Italy is fully supportive of this effort and advocates the prompt introduction of these new regulations which will provide clarity for the customers and the industry.

Steve Zanlunghi
Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK Ltd.