Best Car Dealers

Both Alfa Romeo and Jeep have been ranked in the top 10 brand dealers in the country!

In the Auto Express Driver Power Survey, the biggest survey of the public of its kind, respondents are asked how well their dealer performs in all of its operations. These categories are helpfulness and attitude of staff, standard of workmanship, cleanliness and atmosphere, technical knowledge, progress and cost of work and value for money. All of these individual areas together are then put together to place the dealers into an overall ranking.

Placing in an impressive 5th place nationally, Alfa Romeo dealers have risen by 11 places from their 2015 standing mainly due to the helpfulness and attitude of the staff, and standard of workmanship. This is a particularly impressive feat, considering the other brands Alfa Romeo is mixing with at that ranking include prestigious brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. 

If Alfa Romeo dealers’ efforts were impressive, Jeep has equalled if not bettered their performance, with a huge rise up the table of 17 places, sitting in 9th place overall. Again the helpfulness of staff has played a big part in this, but another factor Jeep owners love about their dealership is the fast progress and cost of work on their vehicles, where they finished 7th nationally. Not only that, but, to own, the Jeep Grand Cherokee obtained 9th place out of every vehicle on sale on the UK!

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